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Carpet cleaning in Louisville, CO is not only one of the main cities we service, but it is where our hometown is!  At Mean Machine Carpet Clean, we truly pride ourselves on providing top quality carpet cleaning services that get deep down into your carpets to remove dirt and grim that you didn’t even know existed. Our team also takes pride in using non-toxic solutions that are safe for kids and pets.

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Carpet Cleaning In Louisville, CO

Looking for the best carpet cleaning services in Louisville, CO? If so, then Mean Machine Carpet Clean has you covered. You might be wondering “What makes our carpet cleaning services different?” or “Do we just provide steam-cleaned carpets like other carpet cleaning companies?”. Well we are here to answer all those questions for you!

Here at Mean Machine Carpet Clean, our mission is to provide the absolute best carpet cleaning in Louisville, and by using the most up to date equipment we are able to clean deep into surfaces, pull out dirt, grime, pet hair & stains you may have not even know were there. 

What also makes us different is we don’t only focus on our deep carpet cleaning services but we also use non-toxic products that are safe for children and pets.

Mean Machine Carpet Clean isn’t just a carpet cleaning company – we also offer upholstery, pet stain removal, and tile and grout cleaning services. Whether its time to get that 5 year old sofa cleaned, remove the deep down grime on your tile floors or clean up those small messes your families furry friend left behind, our team is here for you.

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With Mean Machine's revolutionary process, spots will not come back because we eliminate the cause: getting backing and pad wet. We also deep-clean high soil entry areas, kitchens, and front of couches with our unique process.

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Typical dry times range from 4-8 hours, but ask our team about our process to significantly decrease these dry times.

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Pet Stain & Odar Removal

Your family’s four legged best friend can be your carpets worst nightmare. If your pet has an accident or gets sick on the carpet, it can ruin not only your flooring but also other layers of material. In severe cases, their urine may have soaked through to the tackstrips and even into lower levels of floors such as tile or concrete. While some spots can be cleaned with basic methods like normal cleaning for carpets or deodorizing sprays for fabrics; more serious incidences require chemical treatments that work in deeper level surfaces than usual cleaners allow.

Even if you take great care when training your pet about using certain areas inside before going outside while they’re getting used to being house trained , sometimes accidents will happen.

At Mean Machine we have a specialized method that gets deep down into those areas to pull out pet stains and remove odors all together.

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